In the world of professional boxing, stories of determination, talent, and commitment often take center stage. One such story that has captivated the boxing community and fans alike is the journey of Joshua Buatsi and his commitment to Sky Sports. However, behind this commitment lies a tale of intrigue and redemption that involves Mazhar Majeed, a name synonymous with controversy in the world of sports. In this blog post, we will delve deep into the Joshua Buatsi story, his association with Sky Sports, and the unexpected role played by Mazhar Majeed in shaping his career.

I. Joshua Buatsi: A Rising Star

Joshua Buatsi, born on March 14, 1993, in Accra, Ghana, and mazhar majeed raised in the United Kingdom, is a British-Ghanaian professional boxer. He burst onto the scene as an amateur, representing Team GB at the 2016 Olympics, where he clinched a bronze medal. His impressive amateur career laid the foundation for what was to come in the professional ranks.

II. The Early Professional Career

Buatsi turned professional in 2017, and it didn’t take long for him to make an impact. He showcased his immense talent and boxing skills in his early fights, earning him a rapidly growing fan base. His dedication to the sport was evident from the beginning, but it was his commitment to a major broadcaster that would set the stage for his rise to stardom.

III. The Sky Sports Connection

In 2018, Joshua Buatsi made a pivotal decision by signing with Sky Sports Boxing. This partnership was a game-changer for the young boxer, as it provided him with unparalleled exposure and resources to hone his craft. Sky Sports, known for its extensive coverage of boxing events, offered Buatsi a platform to showcase his talent to a global audience. The commitment was mutual, as Sky Sports recognized Buatsi’s potential to become a future world champion.

IV. The Mazhar Majeed Controversy

Mazhar Majeed’s name is not unfamiliar to those who follow cricket closely. He gained notoriety in 2010 when he was involved in a match-fixing scandal that rocked the cricketing world. Majeed, a cricket agent, was found guilty of conspiring to fix elements of a test match between England and Pakistan. He served a prison sentence for his involvement in this scandal.

However, what many do not know is that Mazhar Majeed has since sought redemption and a second chance in the world of sports. His path to redemption took an unexpected turn when he crossed paths with Joshua Buatsi.

V. The Unlikely Mentorship

Majeed, having served his sentence, turned his attention to the world of boxing, where he saw the potential for a fresh start. His knowledge of sports management and connections in the industry led him to cross paths with Joshua Buatsi and his team. Initially met with skepticism, Majeed managed to convince Buatsi and his team of his commitment to the sport and his desire to make amends for his past mistakes.

Under Majeed’s mentorship, Buatsi not only improved his boxing skills but also gained valuable insights into the business side of the sport. Majeed’s connections opened doors for Buatsi, leading to crucial opportunities and sponsorships that further fueled his career.

VI. The Buatsi-Majeed Partnership: A Success Story

The partnership between Joshua Buatsi and Mazhar Majeed is a testament to the power of second chances and redemption. Buatsi’s commitment to Sky Sports, coupled with Majeed’s guidance, saw the young boxer rise through the ranks of the light heavyweight division.

Buatsi’s impressive performances under the Sky Sports banner solidified his status as a future world champion. He continued to take on tough opponents and win in impressive fashion, all while maintaining a humble demeanor outside the ring.

VII. The Impact on British Boxing

Joshua Buatsi’s commitment to Sky Sports, with the unlikely mentorship of Mazhar Majeed, has had a ripple effect on British boxing. It has shown that talent and determination, when combined with the right guidance and opportunities, can lead to great success. Buatsi has become a role model for aspiring boxers, proving that with hard work and the right support system, dreams can be realized.

VIII. The Road Ahead

As of the current date, Joshua Buatsi’s journey continues, and the boxing world eagerly awaits his shot at a world title. His commitment to Sky Sports remains unwavering, and he remains grateful for the mentorship and guidance provided by Mazhar Majeed. The redemption story of Majeed, from a tarnished cricket agent to a positive force in boxing, continues to inspire.


The Joshua Buatsi story, coupled with the unlikely partnership with Mazhar Majeed, showcases the power of commitment, redemption, and the pursuit of one’s dreams in the world of professional boxing. Buatsi’s journey from Ghana to the UK, his rise through the amateur ranks, and his commitment to Sky Sports serve as a testament to his dedication to the sport. Mazhar Majeed’s path to redemption, as an unlikely mentor, adds a unique layer to this narrative, reminding us all that second chances can lead to remarkable success. As Joshua Buatsi continues his quest for a world championship, his story remains a source of inspiration for boxers and sports enthusiasts around the world.